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Okay so here we go, it’s on late again, so here we go again with the excuses, the issue is I’ve been away and have only just managed to finish catching up on the messages, emails and tweets, I know it’s no excuse, but it does mean I have a couple of big announcements coming up. Firstly that I am scheduled to appear on an episode of krytie TV over on talking all things Red Dwarf, we are setting up the recording times as we speak. I’ll probably speak more about this in the future. The second big announcement is that Kitsch Itch Toys is going back to Leeds, September 19th I believe it is, for Collectorabilia from retro events ( ) which should be much more up my street. There have been other little things going on too, but none that I can make a big showy announcement for on here yet.

Also the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the top ten underrated Disney films list did not appear on Friday, well I did warn about being crazy busy, and that it might get put back a week. It wasn’t going to be though, I got it all scripted and ready to record but then a hero of mine, Patrick Macnee, passed away and I recorded a brief thing for him instead, I wasn’t in the mood to be jovial then, as you can probably tell if you’ve seen the video, so that’s going up this Friday. I will talk more about Patrick Macnee later too, as I’m planning a proper video tribute to him on top of the usual content.

That brings us on to what I told you last week I’d talk about, and that’s Action Photos. Now action photos is going to be a gallery on or at least on a website linked to it if not. It’s going to feature photos of action figures, mostly ones in stock, in action scenes or even in gifs. They’ll post to the facebook page too, in fact I’ve got one on there that is essentially what I mean, and a few will crop up on twitter too. They’re just a little bit of entertainment from a toy fan like myself, hopefully they will be artistic and interesting, though really I’ll be going for exciting and awesome, some may be captioned, while others may be multipart stories. Hopefully eventually I’ll be able to add submissions to it to make some even more epic scenes and another fun way to interact with the site. I mean it’s not like I don’t have enough to do on top of that. Still if you’ve seen my YouTube videos you know how much I like playing with photos, and if you haven’t seen my YouTube videos there are links all over the place.

That about wraps it up for today though, next week, unless something else comes up or in, I’ll probably either be talking Patrick Macnee or Red Dwarf, so if you’re a fan of either of them stay tuned. Other than that remember to check us out on facebook (, Twitter (, YouTube ( and of course and until next time,


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