Monday, 8 June 2015

I Hate Technology!


Welcome to this weeks –LATE- instalment of That Kitsch Itch, the blog from Kitsch Itch Toys; the UKs home for retro and vintage toys. Visit us at check out my YouTube page at .com/woolicane and follow me on twitter @woolicane. So that’s the shilling out the way now on to this week’s main topic.

I admit that this week’s title may be a little strong, I don’t actually hate technology, what I hate is technology when it’s not working, which is most of the time it seems. Phone’s that need charging twice a day, tablets that crash because they’re half full and computers that, well that just die. If you hadn’t guessed this is why this is late going up, I’ve had some major computer problems, problems that have led to me having to borrow a computer just to get this up at all. Something of an issue for someone running an internet business.

I blame iTunes, I’m probably being unfair, but I do. I downloaded it yesterday onto my computer and instantly things started going wrong. Subtle ways at first, my computer slowed down, iTunes store couldn’t connect to the internet. Annoying yes, but not life changing or even work threatening. Then came this morning, that’s when things changed. It was taking a lot longer to boot up, especially considering its one of these lightning quick solid state drives, and then it wouldn’t connect to the internet. Nothing I did helped it, I tried turning it off and on again, nothing, I followed a load of instructions found on the internet (which helped me get rid of some malware), still no internet. Finally I managed to make it to the set up screen and restored my settings. I really thought that was going to work. Now the computer won’t boot up at all. Oh and I’ve only had the dam thing since February.

What this means is I may be about to lose a load of photos that I was going to use for the site, a few videos that featured stock walkthroughs and who knows how much other work. Nothing on it that’s irreplaceable, just inconvenient to replace, especially with no computer to replace it on. It also means that I can’t edit down the photos I do still have to upload onto the site or the facebook page, which is even more annoying, I want to move along but the tech won’t let me. –Oh by the way check out Kitsch Itch Toys on facebook and drop us a like, it does us loads of good- So instead of spending the day reviewing my new Amazing Spider-Man figure I just got in (along with a few others for that series still boxed) and photographing and uploading more stock I spent the day failing to fix something that shouldn’t have gone wrong yet, and in the end handing it over to the IT department of my accountant, yes really.

This was not the blog I was intending to write today, I wanted to talk about films that got kid friendly toy lines that probably shouldn’t, you know the likes of Terminator 2 and Robocop, it’d be like the upcoming Deadpool movie getting its own line of Mashers. I also wanted to talk about the upcoming cons Kitsch Itch Toys will be at, I’ll save that for next week though where it gets enough space. The last thing I want to mention is Eon Quest it’s a kick starter that I’m supporting and it’s coming to an end, get in while you can, I want that graphic novel here at Kitsch Itch Toys. I think that’s enough of a rant for this week, pop in to , or I need a good cheer up.


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