Monday, 22 June 2015

Countdown to Countdown


Welcome back to the official blog of Kitsch Itch Toys, the UKs home for retro and vintage toys, check us out at or there’s pretty much something for everyone there with new stock going online more or less daily.

So last week I talked about trading at my first con in Leeds. I was expecting to gush about it this week, saying how well we’d done and how I was looking forward to the next one. Unfortunately it didn’t work out like that for me, it was all about the comics at that one. Now I love comics, ten years ago I’d have probably spent a ton there getting missing back issues, but I don’t love the fact that comic collectors didn’t seem willing to part with much cash for toys that day. It was a great event that I would recommend to any comic book collector but it just isn’t my market, shame really. Still some good contacts were made and I enjoyed the experience, I have learnt a lot from it too, like how to set out my stock, so far from a total loss. Plus I might have struck a deal to bring a whole load more stock to Kitsch Itch Toys without costing me the Earth (but meaning I won’t get much profit back either because it’s a commission situation)

So what next, well I’ll be booking onto more shows in the coming weeks, so look out for announcements about that, but the immediate plan is to set up an ebay shop to help broaden the amount of people Kitsch Itch can reach, I’m also going to look into the amazon market place, but I don’t know enough about that yet. Expect me to have added another link to the opening paragraph next week to show off this store. The best thing about an ebay store is that I can actually use it to bring people to the main site, which is always my main objective really. So that’s my excitement for this week, keep watching  for more on how it’s going and then be back here next Monday for more details.

On top of the ebay shop though I’m adding something else to the Kitsch Itch family and that’s top ten countdowns. Over on my youtube channel you will already find a few countdowns, but they are an irregular thing at the moment, I want to make them something more regular. Now I’m already releasing one video a week on there (every Wednesday there’s something new) but I will be releasing countdowns fortnightly on a Friday. I intend to start this week with a countdown based on my picks for the most underrated Disney films, though circumstance may push this back to next week. So that’ll be a blog here on a Monday, a new review/haul/misc video on a Wednesday and a top ten on a Friday, plus all the new stock on the website and my other big project action photos, though I’m going to talk more about them next week. Soon Kitsch Itch Toys will be taking over the whole world.

I think that more or less wraps things up for this week, a little disparate perhaps with mostly housekeeping but hopefully it entertained at least a little while it informed. Remember to check us out on facebook (, Twitter (, YouTube ( and of course and until next time,


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