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Welcome to this week’s instalment of That Kitsch Itch, the official blog of Kitsch Itch Toys, the UKs home for retro and vintage toys from the ‘70s to today. The store is now officially open, though due to unforeseen illness the big social network push has had to be delayed until this week. Expect lots of stuff being posted across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the forums and who knows where else. The invasion begins in ernest. In the meantime don’t forget to check out  

As exciting as that is though what I really want to talk to you about today is Doctor Who. This probably isn’t a shocking choice of topic if you’ve read the title, but it is one very close to my heart. That’s right I’m a Doctor Who fan, I’ve been a Whovian since well before that term was in common usage. I remember watching the show when I was seven and Sylvester McCoy was the man with the TARDIS key (now that’s giving away my age). I remained a huge fan during those dark, dark years when it was off telly, or at least it was only there in reruns. I was one of those there cheering and jumping for joy when Russel T Davis returned the show to our screens bringing Christopher Eccelston out as Doctor number 9. And I’m still here now eagerly anticipating its return for the new series, even if I’m not such a fan of Clara. If you want more on my problems with her check out my reviews of the last series over on my YouTube page ( but that’s not what I want to talk about here, I want this to remain upbeat and positive, let’s just say I have issues with the character and how she’s written, I think Jenna Coleman is a very good actress.

When the series came back though it went from being this classic cult series to totally mainstream. It was a proper hit series, to much rejoicing from old school fans such as me even if there were a lot of differences that us classic series fans sometimes like to moan about, it even cracked America. Now this was a show that cranked out a tone of merchandise even when it was off the air, this went into overdrive when it became the smash hit it still is now. Alongside so many other great items, toy company, Character brought out some amazing five inch scale figures and we’ve just got a load of them in at Kitsch Itch Toys. What did you think I was talking about one of my great passions just for fun, no this is still going to tie back to new stock that I’m excited about sharing with you. The figures we’ve currently got in stock include the incredibly popular Tenth Doctor, the first New Who companion Rose, spinoff superstar Captain Jack Harkness as well as a bunch of awesome monsters such as the Slitheen, a pair of Autons, an awesome looking (and massive) warewolf and even a Cyberman. As well as a load of loose figures I have also managed to get my hands on a box set from series four comprising of companion dark horse Donna, the base breaker River Song and the Narrator who, in David Tennant’s last story, turned out to be…

Sorry I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. If you can’t tell I’m pretty excited about getting these figures in. I’m a huge fan of the show and a huge fan of these figures. Some of them might not even find their way to the site because I might sneak them into my Doctor Who display. Watch this space for more on that dilemma. Either way I think this just about finishes this week’s post, if you want to chat more about the Doctor and his adventures feel free to message me on the contact page of and check out the other stuff on sale there too.  Until next time.


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