Monday, 6 July 2015

Thunder... Thunder... Thunder...


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I said last week that I’d probably talk about Patrick Macnee this week, and I really do want to do that, I want to make my tribute to him for YouTube too, but I haven’t had the chance yet. I’m thinking I’ll probably put together a top ten avengers episodes featuring Steed, or something similar. I need something cathartic like that I think, but until I can get that video done I don’t want to say too much.

That’s why I’m moving on to talk about the action photos, you may have seen that they haven’t gone online yet, but I have been taking some. These have involved the original Masters of the Universe, specifically Ram Man and Man-E-Faces taking on Skeletor and some other evil warriors, with a little help from Thunder Punch He-Man. I’ve also done a few featuring the modern Thundercats figures, or at least a few of them, though this was mostly to get some shots of the next thing I want to talk about.

That is my new stock, just arrived this morning, one of the reasons this is going up later than I’d originally wanted, and that was a big box of Thundercats goodness. Not much in it, a couple of Mumm-Ra figures, one in his mummy form, the other in his Ever Living form, both of them from LJN and both of them complete with all their accessories. A very good start I must admit, then there was a card back from the original run, okay not something over special but it will go into the display when I’m next at a convention, so that’s good. Next thing I pulled out the box was something I never expected to find in the box, a modern three-and-three-quarter inch Cheetara. Okay it’s not all that special, loose and weaponless, but it’s a nice bonus to find. Then we have what’s really got me excited about this new arrival. Two boxed items, they have both been opened, but they are still complete, still polybagged, in the original bags they came in no less, and they are just awesome. They are from the new Thundercats series, and they are iconic items from that show and the original. One is a Thundertank, I already have one of these in my collection so I know how awesome it is already. The other is one I don’t have in my collection, but I may have to add, and that’s the Tower of Omens. It may not have the most play features, but it makes such a lovely display piece, even if it is very brown. As most of the bags had been opened I was able to put it together and have a play around with it, take some action photos with it, and put it away again no worse for wear. I’m looking forward to getting these photos up, as well as the video review of it too, and wish I could keep it for myself. I knew this would be the worst thing with Kitsch Itch Toys, wanting to keep, but knowing I must sell. Expect it to be on the site this week, along with the others that have just arrived.

That about wraps things up for this week, visit the usual sites as mentioned above, especially and I’ll see you on Wednesday for the new video and back here next week for another blog entry.


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