Monday, 15 June 2015

On The Road Again


Welcome to this week’s edition of That Kitsch Itch, the official blog of Kitsch Itch Toys, the UK’s home to retro and vintage toys. After last week’s rant, I’m pleased to say I’m in a much better mood today.  The computer is working fine, the facebook ads are boosting site traffic, I’ve got most of my stock organised for easy transport and I’m getting more and more convention and collector fair bookings. All in all, that means that now is a great time to jump aboard at and see what all the fuss is about.

In fact I want to chat a little today about conventions. I’ve got my first one as a trader coming this Saturday (20th June), it’s a Sci Fi, Comic and Card Fair in Leeds, if you’re in the area of the Leeds Town Hall on Saturday you should check it out, come by and say hello.  Of course it’s not the first one I’ve been to, I’m a veteran of the local collector’s fairs and mini cons we get in these parts leading to meeting Darth Vader, Doctor Who’s version of Winston Churchill and plenty of other interesting people that either had books to shill or were just selling their autographs. I think my favourite was Toby Philpott, he was one of the people who worked as a puppeteer for Jabba the Hut (as well as a lot of other jobs with Jim Henson) and had worked as a clown, a juggler and lots of other things, he works as a librarian now. He’s led a fascinating life and he was great to chat to, spent about half an hour chatting with him and would love to chat with him again. If you get the chance to meet him you should check him out.

Another top moment for me in terms of convention attending came a couple of years ago with my father. My car was in the garage getting a little work done and he agreed to give me a lift there. He’s not quiet the collector I am, in fact he general thinks these sorts of things don’t really have any value and doesn’t approve of Kitsch Itch Toys, but he does enjoy shows like Doctor Who and when he were a lad he had a big comic book collection so there is hope for him, he enjoys looking at the items for sale at these events even if he wouldn’t buy them himself. Still he is a little, shall we say straight laced, he spends most of his time in a proper business suit and thinks pretending to be bigoted is funny. That’s why it was so funny to see his reaction to the cosplayers. Now I’m a part time actor (another pursuit he doesn’t approve of) so I really enjoy dressing up, if I had the budget or the sawing skills I would probably be a cosplayer myself, in fact I’m probably going to pop an RPM Morpher on my arm in Leeds and claim I’m in costume. My father on the other hand… It’s always so much fun to watch an accountant try not to freak out while surrounded by Poison Ivy, The Joker, Thor, a team of Ghostbusters and so many other absolutely awesomely realised characters. He’s meant to be coming with me to Leeds too, should be interesting, hope there are lots of cosplayers, but then I was hoping that before he was coming.

Last thing I want to say is I’ve just got my hands on a bunch of tins of Disney Winkeez, they are awesome things and they have just gone up on be sure to check them out before they sell out. Don’t forget about my YouTube channel ( new videos go up at least every Wednesday, the latest one is looking at my Ultimate DC Team so comic book fans should certainly check it out. And be back here in seven to see how Leeds went and here the latest gossip, news and excitement from Kitsch Itch Toys.


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