Monday, 13 July 2015

SDCC, Flay, Collectorabilia and Fanon, Oh My


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Lots to talk about this week, so no more shilly-shallying. First let’s address the elephant in the room, SDCC, now we all know I have to talk about it, I can’t just ignore something this massive, but it’s Monday, it’s only just finished, to jump in now might be a little soon, that’s why this week’s top 10 countdown will be all SDCC, I’m going to address it there, see the link above to take you to that come Friday. I will say though, the big Thundercats announcement has got me pumped, I can’t not say that.

Next up is one of the reasons there have been less updates coming to Kitsch Itch Toys, and that is Flay. Now I’m not sure this is really the place to talk about her, but I figured I had to at least mention her. Recently, as well as commitments as a musician, artist, writer, and being the man behind Kitsch Itch Toys, I’ve recently been learning how to make video games. I have an RPG Maker that I’m playing with at the moment and I hope to bring something out about a character called Flay as she learns to be the hero the Kingdom of Yo’ire needs. She may even be getting her own blog too, so watch this space, it’s certainly looking interesting with her.

Also wanted to talk briefly about Collectorabilie in Leeds come September. Yes I know I’ve talked about it here before, and I’m sure I’ll talk about it here again, but it is shaping up to be an epic event and I’m getting excited as the fliers came through today so figured I’d mention that, really good quality too, they’ll be being packaged in with my stock over the next couple of months, so watch out for that piece of spam.

Fourthly I want to talk about another new show I want to put on YouTube, as the Top 10’s are fortnightly I figured this would slot into the other weeks nicely. It’s called Fanon, and it’s going to basically be me talking about wild speculation, guess work and theories around some of the shows I either watch or used to watch, games I’ve played, books, films and who knows what else, with a strong emphasis on things that tie in to what we’re selling at Kitsch Itch Toys. This can be anything from simple stuff like Scooby Doo, Where Are You is set in an economic depression, or the more advanced ideas like how Mario is the bad guy. They are all based on my ideas, things I’ve read on the internet and hushed conversations in the corners of pubs, so please take it all with a pinch of salt, still I think it’ll be fun.

So that’s it for another week here at Kitsch Itch headquarters, hope this week has been fun and informative, we had a lot to get through in a short amount of time, but I think I managed to keep more focused this week. Remember to check out for some great retro goodness, like us on facebook, watch the YouTube videos and keep an eye on the twittersphere, you never know where I’ll be popping up next to talk about this fun stuff. So until next time…


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