Monday, 20 July 2015

Fanon Fire


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A little bit of a lean week this week in terms of news, had a few personal issues to deal with. Still, in spite of that I still have got a few more items coming into stock, including an awesome Cyberman Cybercontroller in his chair which is going to be reviewed over on YouTube, so keep your eyes out for that. Also we’ve got our first transformer in stock, that will also get a review before it ends up on ebay.

What I thought I would talk about today though is Fanon, my new fortnightly YouTube show, which is due to kick off this coming Friday with a bumper three topic special. I figured before it went up though I’d explain a bit about what the show is and where the idea for it came from. I’m always looking to add a new idea to my YouTube channel, as you might be able to see from the content up there. I have lots of other plans for things that are going to go up as well, for example I will be adding more Doctor Who reviews when the series comes back in September. So while thinking what I could put up opposite my top 10 countdowns I headed down the rabbit hole and ended up watching a load of random YouTube videos about theories in films, comics and video games. I also found myself on TV Tropes a lot too and discovered the WMG section full of speculation. The fact that I got into these two left me feeling that I could do this, I mean I already do it, give me a show and I will over think it and see patterns in things that aren’t there.

So here I am thinking about these fan theories and my own and then I get into chats with friends of mine over on Deviantart about some of the continuity problems with Doctor Who and Power Rangers. Suddenly everything clicked into place, I could make my own YouTube show about this, going into the details of the gaps in continuity and how to fix them, going after what Marvel always used to call the no prize. I didn’t just want to go the same route as these others doing it though, I had to have my own unique spin on it, such as the Scooby Doo theory that’s coming up in part one, or something I haven’t heard anywhere. So armed only with my imagination and an internet connection I bravely set out on the path to fanon.

Hopefully that makes the concept and origin of the show clear, and I hope it’s something you can enjoy. I will talk about any form of entertainment on there, but if I get something special in stock that week, expect that to feature heavily in the show.

So that’s going to do it for another week. Time to see what new stuff I can put on the site or on the ebay shop, I really need to drop a link to that in the store too. Don’t forget a new video goes up on Wednesday and Fanon launches on Friday, then back here next Monday for more of my ramblings. Until then…


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