Monday, 3 August 2015

Patrons and No Reply


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It’s a slow summer, I’ll be perfectly honest, I was hoping things could be moving a bit faster, but still we are going places, things are getting better, and I’m pretty content at the minute, I just need more cash to roll in. Which has led to me looking at two major things, the first is getting booked into more cons and toy/collectors fairs, which when you don’t want to travel too far can be a major issue. Especially when one of the key people I keep trying to contact to get into a whole load more of the cons just doesn’t seem to like to respond, at least not for me, I’ve tweeted, facebooked, I’m at the point where I’m ready to try semaphore. I want to be involved with more cons, that’s why I’m getting in touch, I think I can make money with you and that you can make money from me. It’s a win/win situation, just get back in touch, it’s not hard. I don’t mind being told you’re full and that we can maybe work together in the future, I’m happy enough to wait for that, I’ll be polite and courteous. I’ve been a freelance writer and performer for a number of years, I can take being told no.  Better to hear that then nothing at all. *Takes a deep breath and calms* Okay that’s my, I’m not sure to call it a rant or a plea, either way that’s it over, for now at least. Hopefully have an update on this next week.

My other major new income source I’m looking at right now is Patreon, two patreons actually, one for my YouTube shows and the other for my photomanips. I’ll mostly talk about my YouTube one here as that ties back into Kitsch Itch Toys, if you want to know more about my manip work leave a message here, if there’s enough interest I’ll talk about it. For those of you who don’t know Patreon is a site where you can donate to your favourite content creators to help pay their bills, and you get rewards out of it. Just a couple of quid a month can make all the difference if you can spare it, I know some can make a living from YouTube ad revenue, I can’t and setting something like this up may help me make that little bit more to help the shows keep coming, they take a lot of time and effort and though I do enjoy it, I need to show the accountant that they really do help. I know I shouldn’t be working for the good of the accountant, that’s not where art lies, but still, sometimes it comes down to doing what you have to do in these situations.

Just a couple of other quick updates, first is a general performing one, looking to record a show reel for my voices, been chatting with a VO artist this week and he’s promised to pass my tape along so I might be able to get a bit more voice work. Then there’s Flay’s First Adventure, my proof of concept RPG, it’s going really well, got the first half of the game more or less done, and the second half shouldn’t actually take all that much. Then on to the Alpha testing. So that’s all very exciting to me.

That’s going to cover it this week I think, no major announcements, just the usual, check YouTube Wednesday for a new toy review, Friday for the second episode of Fanon (A Doctor Who focused one this time) check Kitsch Itch Toys through the week, you never know what will be going up there and see you back here in seven for another blog. Until then….


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