Monday, 17 August 2015

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Sorry this is going up slightly later than I planned, events have kind of got in the way this week. Especially the traffic this lunch time. I had to journey out when I normally write this and by the Gods was the traffic bad. It was what should have been a ten to twenty minute journey, a quick trip out, dropping my niece off, no big deal. An hour and a quarter later I’m at last pulling up at home, still with my lunch to cook and a load of videos I needed to record. Still I got the videos done, so they should be up over the forth coming Wednesday’s, which is something at least. I’m going to try not to rant too much here, all I’m going to say is bleedin’ roadworks, and move on.

On to more pleasant things, like Collectorabillia in Leeds next month, which has just launched a brand new advert with Kitsch Itch Toys featured across it. I’m hoping I can include it on here so I can show it off a bit, it’ll certainly be going up on so go and check it out there too. It’s shaping up to be an awesome event, as is Ultracon over at Magna near Sheffield, been chatting to the team running that and everything looks amazing for that event. I can hardly wait for these two things to happen. Keep your eyes on the Kitsch Itch site for more on them.

Now I know that last week I said I’d be trumpeting my Patreon campaign here today, unfortunately that hasn’t developed yet, the video I was hoping to record to promote it hasn’t been finished yet, and I really don’t want to start it without that. It should be this week, depending on events that are beyond my control getting in the way like they did last week. At least the camera on my phone should mean the video is a much higher quality. More on this next week no doubt.

Just a quick note as well about some new items that are just arriving in stock. I’ve got the chance to bring in some Kree-O Cityville Invasion blind bags, they are awesome things and I hope to have a load to sell at the upcoming cons  with any over spill to wind up on our website or the ebay page. These minifigures are also part of this week’s Wednesday video, the Blind Bags Summer Special. I’m calling it that mostly because it’s filmed in the garden. It should be lots of fun there’s Marvel and Thomas the Tank Engine involved too. Not only that though, but there is also a few, possibly more than a few, Doctor Who 3 and ¾ figures landing in the store this week. Certainly there is one with the 12th Doctor in his caretaker outfit. Not one of my favourite episodes and not my favourite figure scale, but still they should be awesome. Expect a review of that arriving at some point too.

Other than that I think it’s time to call it a day on this meandering edition of the blog. Hopefully next week will be a bit more focused. There will be a big update coming on Flay’s First Adventure and what might be coming up after that as well. It is looking exciting. Also we’ve got a controversial episode of Fanon still to come this week, all about Thundercats. Keep your eyes out for it and until next week…


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