Monday, 11 May 2015

Welcome To The Kitsch Itch

Welcome to the Kitsch Itch


Welcome to my new blog for Kitsch Itch Toys, the UK’s home for retro and vintage toys. The site is still under construction as I write this but I thought it was the perfect time to talk about what’s to come with this impressive website and (hopefully) high street shop. This blog is going to be a weekly feature of the site giving me (and maybe some guests) a forum to talk about new stock, news stories or frankly anything else to do with this collectors market. The intention is for a new blog post to launch here every Monday.

Let’s start with a little more about me. I’m Ric Woolicane, I review toys on YouTube as well as being a musician, actor and writer. I am also the owner of Kitsch Itch Toys. I have been a fan of all things nerdy as long as I can remember and, as an actor it’s no surprise, I have never really grown up. I have a massive collection of toys myself ranging from the classics that I grew up with such as Masters of the Universe and Thundercats to the more recent releases such as Zomlings and Spongebob Squarepants. I have always read comics, mostly Marvel, though I must admit I’ve been out of the loop recently, only picking up a little of what’s been going on through friends and spoilers on the ‘net. I’ve watched every Marvel movie ever made (even the unreleased Fantastic Four from the early ‘90s) and most of the DC ones and I can quote most of Red Dwarf, Airplane and Casablanca. I have also been a Whovian since the Sylvester McCoy era, pick Next Generation in Star Trek series (though TOS movies were the best) and still play retro games on my SNES emulator. Hopefully for any doubters out there this proves my nerd-cred, not that I’m too worried about it, and that I know at least some of what I talk about in this field. This blog, like Kitsch Itch generally, is geared to be for collectors by collectors.

Now more about the store itself. At the moment the stock I’ve got coming in is mostly unboxed, second hand (toys from thirty years ago being pre-owned, who’d have thought that) and lacking many accessories (with some rather notable exceptions). I also hope to stock some of the modern rereleased items or updated versions but I have yet to find them at just the right price. Play sets and vehicles are also coming into stock including a rather awesome Cat’s Lair from the Thundercats Miniatures line which even still has its box. Look out for a review of that on my YouTube channel , it will be coming soon. So far we definitely have stock in for fans of Masters of the Universe (lots of figures mostly), Thundercats (Figures, Play sets, Vehicles and more), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (from all the major toy lines the franchise has spawned), Visionaries (anyone other than me love this much underrated ‘80s classic), the A Team (oh yes, they had a toy line in the ‘80s) and Power Rangers (from the earliest series right up to the new Saban era). There are many others due to arrive too for other great franchises. The website is live, but not yet selling, it’s almost ready though, about one update away. The high street store is a little further away, especially with the loss of the originally intended location, more on that next week probably.

So that just about does it for this first blog. I know it’s been mostly exposition based here, but that’s just because it’s the first blog post. Soon as we settle in we’ll be having a lot more fun on here, hopefully starting next week. Until then check out (this is only a temporary address while the purchased URL comes into effect) and


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